This project completed in July, 2019. This is an archive for informational purposes.

Migration Path

Not applicable.

Impacts & Actions Needed After the Migration

Update 7-1: Cached information directing to old Microsoft platform

When logging in to Microsoft, some users have been mistakenly directed to the previous Microsoft platform. To ensure that you are logging into the new platform, we strongly recommend you:

  • Log out of Microsoft and ALL active Microsoft online, mobile, desktop, and sync applications (including Office applications).
  • Clear your browser cache (see instructions for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari).
  • Re-login to Microsoft on your browser via portal.office.com using your full [email protected] address.
  • On your mobile device, log in to the OneDrive app before using other apps.

Users will still log in via portal.office.com. However, after the move to the new platform, the log in process for Microsoft tools and applications within the UMICH domain will change from U-M Weblogin to Microsoft’s log in service.

No action is needed. With the new login method, UMICH (Level 1) passwords will be securely synced to Microsoft so users will not have to create, re-set, or use a new, separate password for Microsoft services. If you use Duo for two-factor authentication, you will continue to use it in the new platform. The Duo access request comes from umich.onmicrosoft.com.

Important: You will not log in through the U-M Weblogin screen. Always verify that the URL begins with https://login.microsoftonline.com.