This project completed in July, 2019. This is an archive for informational purposes.

Forms allows you to publish surveys and questionnaires, receive responses, and see statistics about responses.

Migration Path

ITS is not able to identify users or access Forms data. Microsoft does not provide a way to export Forms as a single entity, however individuals are able save forms by following the directions below.

Actions Needed BEFORE June 28

Users who wish to retain existing Forms need to take the following steps before the move to the new platform:

  • Download Form data. On your Form, click the "Responses" tab, and then click “Open in Excel.” For more information, visit Form Help and search for “export.”

  • Generate a link to create and share a template to preserve your Form’s questions, logic, and design. Save this link in a document or text file until after the migration. The form can be duplicated in the new platform by going to and pasting the Share link into your browser.

Impacts & Actions Needed After the Migration

After migration, your original Form will still be functional and accepting responses, however you will no longer be able to access the response data or change the Form. Any previously-collected responses will not be associated with the new Form, nor is it possible to add previously-collected responses to a new Form. In addition, any Form you create from a template in the new platform is treated as a new Form with a new URL. So, you will need to update all external links to the new Form.