This project completed in July, 2019. This is an archive for informational purposes.

Flow is an automation tool based on triggers and actions (similar to IFTTT).

Migration Path

ITS is currently unable to migrate Microsoft Flow packages. However individuals are able to export and re-import Flows.

  • Update 6-30: Some U-M Flow users might receive an auto-generated email from Microsoft Flow with the subject line Alert: Your [email protected] connection isn't working. Please contact the ITS Service Center if you received this message.

Actions Needed BEFORE June 28

Export existing Flows you wish to retain before the migration.

Impacts & Actions Needed After the Migration

After the move to the new platform, existing Flows will no longer be accessible. Because Flow functionality is tied to connected services, and those connections cannot migrate, only a partial migration is possible.

  • Re-establish connections to the services your Flow depend on.
  • Import the packages to recreate your Flows in the new platform.