This project completed in July, 2019. This is an archive for informational purposes.

Delve is a machine learning service that displays important documents either owned by you or shared with you.

Migration Path

ITS is not able to identify users or access Delve data. There is no direct migration path for Delve across platforms.

Impacts & Actions Needed After the Migration

Since the service relies on the document URL for analysis, post-migration you will see a blank dashboard. As activity begins to take place in the new platform, Delve will analyze the new activity and begin populating the dashboard. It can take up to 24 hours for the Delve cache to update.

If you have added any documents to a Dashboard in Delve you will need to recreate the Dashboard and then locate documents to re-add them to the new Dashboards. Because of the time needed to rebuild the document cache, Delve may not be able to locate a document during that rebuild period.