MCommunity Transformation Support

Attention MCommunity Group Owners!

My Groups in MCommunity now includes a new Trash tab showing group owners all their deactivated and expired groups.

  • Owners can recover groups for 30 days after they are deactivated (moved to Trash) by any owner.
  • Owners can recover groups for one year after they expire on the Trash tab.
  • Owners can permanently delete groups on the Trash tab during the recovery period if appropriate.
  • Groups on the Trash tab are not fully functional and will not deliver email to group members.

The associated email notifications have also been improved:

  • New: Group owners are notified when a group is deactivated by any owner.
  • Changed: Previously, group owners were notified 90 and 30 days before a group expired; they will now be notified 30 days before and immediately after expiration. The wording of notifications is also changing.
Note: With the MCommunity Directory upgrade, new links will be created for MCommunity Groups and individual profiles. This means that any current instances of links pointing to MCommunity Groups or individual profiles will need to be updated. A redirect is in place that will take effect on July 31, 2022. Though no immediate action is needed, you will need to review and update your web pages, online curricula, class or department profiles, email signatures, and any other place you may link your group or profile.

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