MCommunity Transformation Project FAQ

Find answers to your questions around the MCommunity Transformation project below. 

What is the go-live date for the MCommunity Transformation project?

The MCommunity will go-live on July 31, 2022!

How will the MCommunity Transformation project improve security?

The MCommunity Transformation project will provide more granular privacy settings for user profiles and groups while also reducing dependency on legacy Cosign and Kerberos Services. 

Group information will not be available without authenticating with UMICH credentials.

Will I still log in to to access my profile?

Yes, is not going away. The directory is being updated and improved. 

Will I still log in to to edit my profile settings?

No. Users will need to log in to UMICH Account Management (UAM) to update their MCommunity profile settings. However, users can get to their UAM profile page through clicking the Profile link from MCommunity and logging in to UAM. 

Will anyone who wants to view a Group or do a Group search in MCommunity need to log in with their UMICH (Level-1) credentials and Duo two-factor authentication (if required)?

Yes. Group information is no longer available to anyone who is not logged into/authenticated to MCommunity. 

I could access group Moderators through an API or LDAP. Will this functionality change?

Yes. Moderators may still be accessed but will no longer be used for mail delivery. Instead, umichPermittedSender and umichReceiveDisallowedMessages will be used to access group moderators. Your LDAP or API process will need to be modified. Refer to MCommunity Directory Attributes Available Via LDAP

Some of the information in the Group fields that are retiring (e.g., Telephone number, See Also) is really important for my groups. Manually moving the information into the Description is going to be a burden. Can you help?

Yes. We expect the impact of retiring these little-used fields to be very small across U-M but if that's not true for you, we want to help. Please contact IA through the ITS Service Center for assistance.

Is it true that "Proxy" is being retired?

Yes. This field was not widely used except when someone was needed to set dates for being out of the office. Because the ability to set out-of-office start and end dates has been added to MCommunity, we are retiring the Proxy role. 

Is it true the Moderator role is being retired?

Yes. Because the IAM team has heard feedback that this role is confusing, it is being replaced with new functionality. Improved format of unpermitted email messages to Permitted Senders and ability to set one or more individuals as Receives Unpermitted Messages, or have them automatically bounce back to sender, has replaced this role. 

Pronouns are now an option for my MCommunity profile. Will my MCommunity profile pronouns populate to other university systems?

No. Students have provided feedback that they would like their pronouns displayed in some places but not others. You can choose your pronouns or enter your own. You also have control over who sees your pronouns (just yourself, only those at U-M, or anyone in the world.) 

I've read that Individual MCommunity Profile links and Group MCommunity Profile links will need to be updated. Can you provide examples of old/bad links and what the updated links should look like?

The MCommunity Directory upgrade did create new links for MCommunity Groups and individual profiles. Links will need to be updated on unit web pages, online curricula, class or department profiles, email signatures, and more. Old links can be identified by looking for the # symbol in any MCommunity URL.

Example of an old/bad link:
Example of the new link:

Will Alumni also be able to update their pronouns in MCommunity?

Yes, Alumni are able to update their pronouns in MCommunity. 

Will there be a limit on large MCommunity Group sizes?

No, there is no new limit being placed on MCommunity group sizes. 

Are we able to sort my MCommunity Groups by expired date?

No, not at this time. The MCommunity Project team is looking into adding this functionality at a later date. 

What is "Chosen Name" compared to "Preferred Name"?

The preferred name is set in Wolverine Access and appears in your MCommunity directory profile and other U-M records. Separate from a U-M wide preferred name, you can set a chosen name when editing your MCommunity profile that will display only in your profile. 

Can we export group membership to a spreadsheet?

Yes. If you are an owner of the MCommunity group, group membership is exportable. 

Will there be a way to remove members quickly who have left an MCommunity Group?

The filtering options allow you to select members and the filtering can work hand- in-hand with member selection. It is not currently an automatic process. You will have to select the members manually. The overall path should be smoother with the new MCommunity than it is today.

Do the MCommunity changes allow for flattening of nested groups to return unique person sets?

No, there is no change here.  "Member" and "umichDirectgroupmember" work as they do today with non-distinct returns possible when multiple memberships in subgroups.

What information does the new QR Code option for my MCommunity profile provide?

Individuals can choose what information is included in the MCommunity QR Code option or not display a QR Code.