U-M GitLab

GitLab Pilot Service Retiring July 31, 2023

Access to U-M GitLab will be disabled on July 31, 2023. ITS will be communicating with GitLab users to help them migrate off of the U-M GitLab service to an alternative. Find out more about U-M GitLab retirement.

A Collaboration Service for Project Teams

GitLab is a service used to track changes in computer files to facilitate software projects. It is primarily used by developers, technology instructors, and others with technical roles. GitLab leverages the version control capabilities of Git and adds its own features to support project team collaboration and communication.

A project in GitLab might contain computer programs, documentation, and/or data related to a software development effort; a research project; a student assignment; or another scenario involving teams collaborating to create, edit, and review content.

GitLab also provides security controls to manage access to a project and its associated files and content. Project management capabilities include the option to create/track milestones and to track and remediate issues identified in software projects.