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GitLab Pilot Service Retiring July 31, 2023

Access to U-M GitLab will be disabled on July 31, 2023. ITS will be communicating with GitLab users to help them migrate off of the U-M GitLab service to an alternative. Find out more about U-M GitLab retirement.

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What is the GitLab service?

GitLab is a web based service that leverages the version control capabilities of Git and adds its own features to support project team collaboration and communication to create, edit and review content before applying it to a master version.

Gitlab provides security controls to manage access to a project and its associated files and content. It also offers project management capabilities to create/track milestones; to track and remediate issues and for team communications.

GitLab is used by project teams to share; modify, verify and eventually merge new or updated content into a master version(s). The master version of a file(s) might contain documentation, computer programs and/or data related to a research project; a software development effort; a student assignment or another scenario involving teams collaborating to create and update content.

This offering is available to faculty, staff and students on the Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Flint campuses.

Is there a charge for the service?

There is currently no charge for use of the U-M GitLab service.

Who is eligible to register for the service and is anyone using it today?

U-M staff, faculty and students are eligible to use GitLab. Hundreds of U-M individuals are using GitLab today, mostly ITS people.

What are the Service expectations (SLE)?

In progress

How does one request an account for the service?

An account is automatically provisioned when a U-M individual logs into U-M GitLab

How does one report outages / service degradation?

Contact the ITS Service Center

Can MCommunity groups be used in GitLab?

Not at this time

How do you invite members to a GitLab group?

With a name or uniqname

How accessible is GitLab?

The ITS Digital UX team ran an accessibility test of GitLab and published their report