U-M GitLab Retirement

GitLab Pilot Service Retiring July 31, 2023

GitLab is a service used to track changes in computer files to facilitate software projects. It is primarily used by developers, technology instructors, and others with technical roles. GitLab leverages the version control capabilities of Git and adds its own features to support project team collaboration and communication.

Starting June 1, 2023, U-M GitLab will no longer allow the creation of new projects.

Action Required

U-M GitLab users should begin exporting their data. Instructions for migration can be found on the U-M GitHub Support page. Access to U-M GitLab will be disabled on July 31, 2023.

  1. Plan ahead for your Fall 2023 courses. Update curriculum to use GitHub or an alternative service.
  2. Set up a U-M GitHub account with a Shortcode or create a personal GitHub account, and migrate your data to GitHub (Step-by-step instructions).
    OR if not using GitHub:
  3. Export your data from GitLab into a code base tool or file storage tool of your choice.

For Alumni & Students

If you do not have access to a Shortcode, you can create a free personal GitHub account using any email address. You will need to export any data you’d like to keep from U-M GitLab before July 31, 2023.

Need Help?

Contact the project team at [email protected].

Why are we retiring?

GitLab launched as a pilot service in 2017. In 2022, ITS launched U-M GitHub which has: 

  • Consistent user experience.
  • One enterprise license for all four campuses.
  • Web form to sign up.
  • Import or create organizations in our enterprise.
  • Allow for collaboration across university boundaries.
  • Pages and Wikis.

Starting in February 2023, ITS will be communicating with GitLab users to help them migrate off of the U-M GitLab service to an alternative:

  • U-M GitHub (recommended).
  • Personal GitLab or GitHub account.
  • Shared linux and windows runner servers for building software.

On July 31, 2023, access to GitLab will be removed. The on-premise GitLab infrastructure will be decommissioned in Fall 2023.

No Impact on Other Instances of GitLab

There is no impact to the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) instance of GitLab (found at https://gitlab.eecs.umich.edu/), HITS instance (found at https://git.umms.med.umich.edu/users/sign_in) or other instances of the GitLab in use across the university. Only the U-M GitLab instance (found at https://gitlab.umich.edu/) will be retiring.