Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff: Reviewing & Moving CTools Sites

If you've used CTools to teach clases or collaborate on projects, you may have site content that you want to save or move to alternative services before CTools retires.  Information on this page can help you get started with that.  Also, check out the FAQs for more information.


  Find your sites & decide whether to delete or save them 

First find the sites you own or taught with.  You can do that in CTools using the Site Migration tool. 

  1. Login to CTools
  2. Click My Workspace and then on Site Migration (left-hand navigation)
  3. The Site Migration tool shows a list of all the sites you own or were an instructor on. 

Click the name of a site to open the site and take a look at what's there to help you decide if you want to delete the site or download content to save for yourself or share with others. 

Things to think about: 

  • Are there sites that have teaching material I want to use again in Canvas?
  • Are there sites that have research files or history that I need to keep?
  • Are there other people who use or own the site that I should talk to about what to do with it?
  • Am I the right person to make decisions about this site?  If not, contact the CTools retirement team and let us know who to transfer the site to.


  Delete sites you no longer need

You can delete sites using the Site Migration tool. Deleting a site deletes it for everyone who had access to it.

  1. Login to CTools
  2. Click on Site Migration (left-hand navigation)
  3. The Site Migration tool shows a list of all the sites you own or were an instructor on. 
  4. Check the box next to "Delete site" for each site you want to delete 
  5. Click Save changes
  6. Confirm the sites you want to delete in the pop-up box.

(It may take up to 60 minutes for the deletion to complete, so don't worry if the site isn't immediately removed from your list.) 


  Move out of CTools

Decide where to move site content

Once you've decided which sites you need, think about where to put the site content.  There are several alternatives to choose from based on whether you need to use it for instruction or collaboration or to store the information.  

For more help understanding the alternatives, check out the Alternative Services page or use the CTools Alternatives Wizard.  You can also contact the ITS Service Center, the CTools project team, or your local IT support desk for additional assistance.

Sensitive data considerations

If your site contains sensitive data, review the U-M Sensitive Data Guide to find out more about which services can be used to store that type of data


Convert a site to Canvas

ITS can convert your CTools site to Canvas. Just submit a request using the Convert2Canvas Request Form.  This process copies all of the instructional material to Canvas for you to use in future courses you're teaching.  Note: This process does not copy any of the student submissions or grades.


Download site content to store or use with an alternative servce

You can use the Site Migration tool to download content from CTools sites. Using the tool you can also get a list of site membership, if you need to continue sharing content with the same people.  

To access the Site Migration tool, login to CTools and go to My Workspace.  You'll see a link to the Site Migration tool in the left-hand navigation. Migration Tool Help provides complete instructions on using the tool.