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Migration Champions

Migration Champions were nominated to lead the CTools Project Sites transition and support the people in their unit as they move to alternative collaboration services.

In their role, these individuals will:

  • Assist users in choosing alternative collaboration services
  • Partner with ITS to communicate and provide training
  • Identify complex project sites that require targeted consulting
  • Facilitate issue resolution during stabilization

Office of the President

  • Sara Holliday

Office of the Vice President for Communications

  • Christopher Billick

Office of the Vice President and General Counsel

  • Stephanie Schmitzer

Office of the Vice President for Government Relations

  • TBD

Office of the Vice President for Research

  • Coyote Windsong
  • Nancy Penberthy

Office of the Vice President and Secretary of the University

  • Patrick Ryan


  • Deborah Brandon

Ross School of Business

  • Virginia Balan
  • Jennifer Zimmer
  • Todd Elkins
  • Debie Gurkin

School of Art & Design

  • Patricia Hodges

School of Dentistry

  • Dan Bruell
  • Cassandra Callaghan
  • Debra Geister

School of Education

  • Joe Gorde
  • Vinita Bolleddu
  • Joanna Elliott

School of Information

School of Kinesiology/HMRC

  • Ryan Schell

School of Music, Theatre & Dance

  • Greg Laman
  • Andrew Wollner

School for Environment and Sustainability

  • Moe Daraiseh

School of Public Health

  • Patty Bradley
  • Vlad Wielbut

School of Social Work

  • Randall Bilby
  • Robert LaRoe

Shared Service Center

  • Doug Hovey

Student Life

  • Edie Andrew
  • Kristie Filipchuk
  • Rob Abid

Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

  • Bill Manspeaker

University Audits

  • Hilaire Nachtrab

University Library

  • Diana Perpich

University Musical Society

  • John Peckham

Vice Provost for Equity, Inclusion and Academic Affairs

  • Julie Kelley

Vice Provost for Global and Engaged Education

  • Jean Sadler

Academic Affairs/Provost's Office

  • Belinda Franklin

Academic Innovation

  • Kati Bauer


  • Shawn Beard

Alumni Association

  • Andre Zoldan

AVP Enrollment Management

  • Andy Cameron

Bicentennial Office

  • Bailey Oland

Botanical Gardens & Arboretum

  • TBD

Center for Education of Women

  • Jamie Zawistowski

Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT)

  • Ronit Ajlen
  • Meg Bakewell

College of Engineering

  • Nicole Hefferman
  • Jamie Schrader
  • Dan Maletta

College of Pharmacy

  • Brian Vanderziel


  • Bob Goffeney
  • Laura Shelp
  • Mike Kmiec
  • Scott Alexander


  • Regis Vogel
  • Heather Miller

Facilities & Operations

  • Jim Dormal
  • Greg Bennett
  • Eric Kolb


  • Margaret Aldridge

Ford School of Public Policy

  • Marcy Brighton

Human Resources

  • Denise Stegall
  • Tamara Neely
  • Brian McFarlane

Institute for Continuing Legal Education

  • Denise Garthwaite

Institute for Social Research

  • Bill Connet

Intercollegiate Athletics

  • Jerry Wood

Law School

  • Lyle Whitney
  • Brian Genoa
  • Shawn DeLoach

Life Sciences Institute

  • Cathy Andrews


  • Moni Dressler
  • Dan St. Pierre
  • Eric Pinaud
  • Stephen McClatchey
  • Lisa Callihan
  • Nancy Herlocher
  • Peter Knoop
  • Marissa Green
  • Jessica Wolking
  • Lisa Ahlgren
  • Mark Bacon

Medical School

  • Ryan Henyard
  • Jason Engling


  • Tina Chang