Using the Project Site Migration Tool


This help page explains how to: 

Note: The Site Migration tool does not work with Internet Explorer.

Using the tool

You can use the Site Migration tool to delete your site, download your site's resources and/or email archive in zip files, and/or generate a list of your site's members. The migration tool displays a list of sites that you own or were an instructor on.

Delete your site

You can delete a site that is no longer needed. 

1.  Check the box next to Delete site.

2.  Click Save changes.

3.  You'll see a pop-up box where you can confirm the deletion.

Note: My Workspace sites canot be deleted.  To delete content from resources in My Workspace, click on My Workspace, then on Resources.  Select the content to delete, then click Remove.

Download resources and/or the email archive

You can download your site's resources (including My Workspace resources) and email archive to your computer.  Zip files are downloaded to the location specified in your browser settings (see Firefox or Chrome help for more information on downloading files).

1.  To begin, click the Download Options button.

2.  For resources, click Download Resources as a zipped archive.

3.  For the email archive, click either zipped archive or zipped Mailbox file  (.mbox)

Both formats provide archives of email, but you may prefer one format over the other depending on how you want to access the message content.

  • Zipped archive: Email messages download in a zip file as txt files along with attachments.  Each email is in an individual folder named according to the date, sender, and subject.  This format is useful as an archive of site emails that can be searched and viewed on your local laptop.
  • Zipped Mailbox file (.mbox): The entire email archive is downloaded as a single Mailbox file. To view the emails or attachments, the Mailbox file must be extracted from the zip file and imported into an email reader such as Apple Mail or Thunderbird.  This format is useful for advanced mail users who prefer to view email this way.  This format is not intended to function as email that can be replied to, sent, etc.

 4.  To open a zipped file

Note: For some collaboration alternatives, you may want to retain the zipped file(s).

  • On a Mac, double-click on the file.
  • In Windows, right-click the folder, select Extract All, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

In rare cases, e.g., if any files have unusual characters in the name, you will get an error when attempting to Extract All in Windows.  You can instead open the zipped folder using 7-Zip or Winzip.  (One or the other may already be installed on your computer.  If not, click to open a download site: 7-Zip,  Winzip)

Error messages

If any of the following are encountered, you will see an error message.  

  • Two or more resources have the same name
  • Any file or folder name(s) exceed 255 characters
  • There are more than 256 files and folders in the parent folder of your Resources tool.  In this case, you will need to move the files and folders to a subfolder.

You can fix the problem(s) by renaming or reorganizing resources in your site and try the download again.


Generate a list of your CTools site's members to use in alternative collaboration services  

You can generate a list of site members by clicking the Members link.

The membership list displays in several formats that can be copied and pasted into alternative collaboration tools in order to share files and communicate. For help understanding which collaboration service(s) best meets your needs, please use the CTools Project Sites Alternatives Page or the CTools Project Sites Alternatives Wizard.  If you need additional assistance, email your migration champion.



No problems have been identified with screen readers, magnification software, or for keyboard-only users. 

For speech recognition users, depending on which version of the Dragon software you are using, you may have a better experience if you use Dragon’s MouseGrid feature as follows:

1.  Say the word "mousegrid" to bring up a nine-item matrix.
2.  Say a series of matrix numbers to hone in on the item you wish to activate. 

If you are an assistive technology user and have additional questions or feedback, please contact