Cloud Program Workforce Activities

The ITS Cloud Program is working to build thoughtful workforce materials and activities that support staff.

For staff directly involved in the cloud effort

We commit to preparing you for your changing work roles and responsibilities. We intend to provide training and support so you can develop new competencies and capabilities. We hope that you feel empowered to help build innovative solutions and find joy in exploring new technologies that can be shared with your larger teams.

For staff indirectly involved in the cloud effort

We commit to providing you with regular cloud communications and opportunities to learn. We hope that you can articulate why cloud exploration and innovation is critical, and that you possess a foundational understanding of cloud technologies and ITS cloud accomplishments. As our cloud efforts move across the organization and affect services and teams, additional training and support will be provided.

For the larger ITS organization

We commit to continuous improvement to ensure that the cloud Program is a positive experience for staff. We aspire to create a learning culture that draws the organization together and works to grow and retain staff who want to support the academic, research, administrative, and clinical missions of ITS and the university.