Cloud Program Teams

The Cloud Infrastructure Transformation Program will be staffed from current ITS teams and staff members. It will include four distinct teams plus a Governance team to provide oversight.

The Program Team

The Program Team will be individuals who are staffed to the Program in an ongoing manner for stability and consistency across the life of the Program. They include:

The Technical Team

The Technical Team members will represent various ITS capabilities needed to work in the cloud. ITS teams will identify individuals who will rotate into these roles for 75-100% of their time for approximately six month rotations. This is designed to provide orientation to new Program members, continuity of staffing, and reduce the lag time for onboarding new team members. The rotational staffing model also provides cloud exposure to a larger number of staff members, increases cloud learning opportunities across the organization, and increase the total number of staff who are able to participate in this new and exciting cloud work. Technical roles within the Program include:

  • Technical Lead/Architect 
  • Database Lead 
  • Windows Operating System Lead 
  • Linux Operating System Lead 
  • Network Lead 
  • Virtualization Cloud Infrastructure Lead 
  • Automation & Orchestration Software Developer 
  • Storage Lead 
  • Operations Lead 
  • Identity & Access Management Lead

The Lead Team

Lead Team members will represent various ITS organizational units and be a consistent point of contact for all requests the Program office will have of the larger organization. They will attend routine Program meetings, take back business needs to their larger groups, and assist in identifying staffing who can fulfill specific needs. Lead team roles within the program include:

  • Human Resources/Workforce 
  • Finance  
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Information Assurance 
  • Procurement and Vendor Management 
  • Service Management
  • Support Services 
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Cloud Computing Services  
  • Projects Teams

Associated Migration Project Team

Additional infrastructure/application teams will partner with the Program to support building new infrastructure in the cloud and/or migrating ITS applications. Program leadership will schedule conversations with Service Owners to develop a schedule for this work. Individuals needed for each effort will be identified prior to that work starting, and staffing challenges will be addressed as they are identified.