Cloud Program Roadmaps

Cloud Program 2019 Roadmap

Cloud Program 2019 Roadmap

Reliability Initiatives

  • October–December 2018: Develop reliability assessment methodology
  • November 2108–March 2019: Assess hardware current state
  • January–April 2019: Service evaluations
  • January–December 2019: Execute service(s) reliability action items (i.e. Extending Shibboleth to the Cloud)
  • April–December 2019: Execute hardware reliability action items

Failover Test

  • January–March 2019: Plan an exercise and define test objectives
  • April–October 2019: Compile impacted systems, define pre-exercise objectives-scenarios, assumptions and end goals
  • November–December 2019: Execute Failover

Infrastructure & Operations

  • October 2018–December 2019: vDC and other infrastructure enhancements (Transition from individual VPN to single VPN, automating on-prem Windows Builds)
  • October 2018–December 2019: vDC operations (automated patching of Linux systems, Gitlab operational stability)
  • February–December 2019: Execute reliability action items (Extending Kerberos to AWS, Automating changes to Oracle Connection Manager)

Proof of Concepts

  • October 2018–March 2019: CUI proof of concept in AWS
  • February–July 2019: Imaging Non-Prod in AWS

Staff Training & Development

  • October–December 2018: Determine staff training needs
  • January–December 2019: Staff training and development