PeopleSoft Proof of Concept

In February 2018, ITS asked a small project team to build a proof of concept installation of a 3-tier technology stack for a non-production instance of PeopleSoft in Amazon Web Services (AWS). For this project, the project team chose to deploy a copy of Human Capital Management’s QA environment (HCMQA) and use the Payroll calculation process—commonly known as PayCalc—to test this AWS-based instance. In addition, the project team was asked to:

  • monitor performance of the database during tests
  • compile rough costing for operating the required AWS resources
  • identify any gaps in the virtual data center (vDC) that needed to be addressed

The project team successfully completed multiple runs of the PayCalc process in April 2018, returning consistent processing times of 46 minutes, an improvement over the 60 minute run times seen on premise. Database performance was good across all tests, and the team did not identify any gaps that needed to be addressed in the vDC.