Cloud Program Governance

Program governance has been established to provide guidance, assist with scope, and represent various cloud business needs within ITS. 

Program Sponsor

ITS Executive Director, Andy Palms serves as the program sponsor. His responsibilities to the program include:

  • Making strategic scope and investment decisions
  • Resolving escalated issues and risks
  • Monitoring the progress of the program activities

Program Advisors

ITS Executive Directors, Jim Behm and Vijay Thriruvengadam serve in a Program Advisor capability. Their responsibilities include:

  • Advising program sponsor and team on strategy and scope
  • Advising on program alignment with larger ITS initiatives
  • Providing counsel on issues raised by program leadership

Program Steering Committee

ITS unit directors and other stakeholders serve on the program steering committee. Their responsibilities include:
Representing major business units in ITS

  • Monitoring program progress
  • Assessing potential impacts within their own units and services
  • Communicating information about committee decisions