What Is a Project?

Work usually falls into one of three major categories at ITS: production support, enhancements, and projects. Production support and operations work is everything that keeps ITS services going day to day. Enhancements take longer to complete than normal operations work, but are less effort than a project and require fewer people.The traditional, industry definition of a project is a unique and temporary effort to accomplish a specific set of goals.

By creating a common definition and requirements for projects, the organization will be able to better coordinate project schedule and manage staffing requirements.

The Project Management Office is responsible for planning, scheduling, and monitoring projects. If you have questions about the definition of a project, please contact them at ITS.PMO.Ops@umich.edu

Project Definition

Work is considered a project if it:

  1. has an explicit required or committed date, AND
  2. is estimated at greater than 250 hours of total staff effort, AND
  3. one or more of the following is true:
    • requires staff collaboration from more than one ITS organization/division and inter-organization change management or communication.
    • is on the ITS Key Project list.
    • will cost more than $150k (including labor, hardware, and software).
    • results in a change for students, faculty, and/or staff will require training, documentation, or communication.
    • is capitally funded from the provost or ITS reserves.

Project Tracking Requirements

The following actions are required in Planview:

  1. Project must have a project manager identified.
  2. Staff from all ITS organizations/divisions must record the time spent working on projects weekly.
  3. Project manager must assess the health of their projects (i.e., red, yellow, green) and provide a written status updates in Planview at least every two weeks. For more information, see Planview: Assessing Projects.