Google Cloud Rates & Billing

Educational pricing can be estimated using Google's pricing calculator. This includes an egress waiver. ITS bills for the previous month's activities. Questions about billing can be directed to the GCP at U-M support team at the email address above, under Need Help.

Customers of Google Cloud Platform at U-M receive 10% discounts on nearly all GCP with only a few exclusions:

Customers may take a part of the data egress waiver with a few conditions:

  • Allowed
    • Research or academic workloads
    • Hosting departmental websites
  • NOT Allowed
    • Massive online open courseware (MOOC)
    • Live-streaming/ Media streaming
    • Hosting websites for commercial purposes outside of research & teaching.

Customers wanting to take advantage of the $300 free credit cannot associate their project with the GCP at U-M service. To utilize the credit, customers must:

  • Create a project or use an existing project not associated with any billing accounts that are a part of the GCP at U-M service.
  • Provide a credit card as a placeholder. The card will not be charged during the 12 month free trial.
  • Not have already signed up for a free trial in the past.
  • These accounts are not eligible for the 10% discount, though are still covered by the egress waiver.

Students cannot take advantage of GCP at U-M discounts or egress waiver, but do qualify for the $300 free credit. Faculty members may obtain EDU credits for students using GCP for coursework, particularly those in computer science.