U-M Box Updates

U-M Box July and August Summary



Below are the July and August installments of the U-M Box Monthly Summary:

  • Preview: Sidebar Design Changes
  • Transport Layer Security 1.0 no longer supported.
    • After November 12, 2018:
      • All Box Tools versions prior to Box Tools v4.1+ for Mac and Windows will not function.
      • Box will block products and services using the TLS 1.0 encryption protocol.​
  • WebDAV will not work on or after January 31, 2019.

U-M Box June Summary


U-M Box April and May Summary


Below is the April and May installment of the U-M Box Monthly Summary:

Coming Soon: Box In-App Notification for New Web App Features



Box will be launching an in-app notification from the ‘?’ icon in the Web App header that informs users about recently released features. This pop-up will inform users about the ability to access and add Favorites directly in the left sidebar. This message will be shown automatically once, but will be available for one week afterward by clicking ‘?’ again. To close the pop-up, click anywhere on the screen.

Recent Activity Displayed in Box


Box is continuously looking for ways to improve collaboration. One way is by adding new activity features to make it easier to see who updated a file and how.


Late last year, Box added the ability to quickly see who’s looked at or edited a Box Note recently. This “Presence” feature displays user avatars in the header of Notes. Now Box  brings a similar experience to the Box Web App for all file types. Collaborators, with permission, will see avatars in the header of the Preview page whenever other collaborators have recently previewed, edited, or commented on that file. This change will gradually roll out beginning April 18, 2018 and finish by April 30, 2018. Learn more about this update.