New BlueJeans Features & Announcements


The service vendor, BlueJeans Network, is responsible for design, development, maintenance, and monitoring. Updates are typically released quarterly. We refer to BlueJeans' online training and support materials whenever possible for the latest information as changes occur.

ITS is responsible for partnering with BlueJeans Network and encouraging them to make positive changes for our campus. If you have a suggestion you’d like us to share, please email

BlueJeans also provides a community forum as a way to provide feedback, post questions, or comment. To do this, you will need to create a Get Satisfaction account with BlueJeans. University employees should not log in with their university credentials.

Download the BlueJeans App for the Best Experience

If you need to use a browser, use Firefox.

To automatically launch a meeting in Firefox, use this URL:, replacing "YOURMEETINGID"  with your meeting ID. For example:

  • (no passcode required)
  • (passcode is required)

Want to Help Test Upcoming Changes?

Join the BlueJeans Beta Test group if you are willing to preview quarterly updates. Members will receive BlueJeans updates roughly one month ahead of the rest of the university community.

New Features