Unit Hardware Inventory (Special Access Required)

Access to the Unit Hardware Inventory is restricted to business and IT leadership and staff who manage hardware inventory for their unit. Contact the ITS Service Center or your Neighborhood IT manager to request access.

The Unit Hardware Inventory provides data necessary for planning, ordering, tracking, loaning IT hardware.

View the Unit Hardware Inventory to:

  • review hardware inventory on demand by sorting and filtering data.
  • identify out-of-warranty hardware in need of replacement.
  • view data for hardware replacement planning and budgeting.
  • determine which hardware may or may not need to adopt the service in the future.
  • view reasons why particular devices did not adopt the service.

Hardware not associated with MiWorkspace will be added to the inventory reports by Neighborhood IT staff during process to replace old hardware. If you are interested in initiating the inventory process in your unit, please speak to your Neighborhood IT manager.

Access the Inventory Report

Administrative and academic units are responsible for hardware purchasing decisions. Information and Technology Services partners with unit business and IT leaders to plan for hardware purchases, ordering, and device deployment or disposition. The Hardware Inventory assists with that activity.

Using the Unit Hardware Inventory

Review the Hardware Inventory Instructions for information about the field names and available filters. The Hardware Inventory is a Tableau report that uses ServiceNow data. Because the data is refreshed daily, changes to inventory data will be reflected the next day. Inventory data maintained or modified outside ServiceNow will not be represented in these reports.