About Information Quest

Information Quest (IQ) partners with campus and the health system to drive institutional excellence at U-M by delivering data that enables leaders to use their expertise to make strategic data-driven decisions. The team, with a vision of a data-as-a-service delivery model is delving into a deeper role in learning analytics, creating executive dashboards, and investigating a data virtualization platform.

Our Staff

  • Vijay Thiruvengadam, Executive Director
  • Amber Madden, Assistant Director
  • Robin Welshans, Team Coordinator

Business Intelligence

  • Glenn Auerbach
  • Patrick Franklin
  • Chris Gardner
  • Bryan Hartman
  • Jeffrey Jenkins
  • Phillip Kocher
  • Julie Martinez
  • John Moje
  • Srinivas Perumandla
  • Matthew Pickus
  • Hemangini Shah
  • Leticia Valdez

Data Integration

  • Jeanette Balaze
  • Kranthi Bandaru
  • Phoebe Chao
  • Jane Chou
  • Peggy Lai
  • Sally Luoma
  • Roderick Means
  • Chris Rowland
  • Yonghee Stevens
  • Derrick Tietz
  • Shelly Turner
  • Jeffrey Wixon

Dev/Ops Architects

  • David Nowell
  • Erik Schwartz