Yumiao Hui


Yumiao Hui is a first year graduate student at UM-Ann Arbor and a recent graduate of Sun Yat-sen University. As an intern at the Shared Services Center, she built professional IT skills through meeting with interns as well as her manager and colleagues on the Business Analytics Team. She enriched her technical knowledge in Tableau, SQL, Qualtrics, and Google Scripts. As a member of the CEW+ Archive cohort project team, Yumaio also gained a better sense of the DEI community at UM and is very thankful for her group members and stakeholders. She built great friendships with her fellow interns which will remain precious to her. In her spare time, she enjoys watching anime and reading manga, such as Part 2 of Chainsaw Man! A word of advice from Yumaio: Be brave to reach out! It's never too late to try!

Cohort Project: CEW+ Archive