Reports & Reconciliation Tools

Reports below can be accessed through the Service Request System or by clicking the report link listed:

  • Inventory & Location Report
    Provides a report on a unit’s total equipment and services, including location of telephone and data circuits. This report can assist with unrecognized directory number or feature. For more information, refer to the Traditional Features or VoIP Features pages. For assistance with Directory Numbers without locations, contact the Billing Group.
  • Toll Statements
    Provides a report on telephone usage charges. The comprehensive report includes charge summary, long distance, local, toll free, and recurring charges. The condensed does not include local and toll free charges.
  • Summary of Charges
    Provides a report on the unit’s expenditures for products and services.
  • Detail of Charges
    Provides a detailed report on the unit’s expenditures for products and services, including long distance, local, monthly recurring, and one-time monthly charges.
  • User ID, Chartfield, and Roles LookUp
    Provides information about a unit’s User IDs, Chartfields, and Roles. 
  • Chartfield Change Request
    Provides a way to modify unit Chartfield for billing using either the:
For unrecognized or erroneous call usage, monthly recurring, or other charges, contact the billing group at 734-763-2000 or