Michigan Medicine WiFi

Michigan Medicine offers separate WiFi networks for their faculty, staff, students, and guests. These include:

  • UMHS-8021X is the primary network for employees to access private health data and clinical applications. A Level-2 login is required for this network. Access is limited to devices owned and managed by Michigan Medicine's Health Information & Technology Services (HITS) and personal devices enrolled in Intelligent Hub.
  • MWireless-UMHS is a secondary network for employees. A Level-1 login is required for this network. This offers no access to Michigan Medicine resources. Personal devices not enrolled in Intelligent Hub may use this network.
  • MGuest-UMHS is a secondary network for patients and guests. No login is required for this network. Michigan Medicine staff may not use the Guest network which is for patients and their families.

For help or questions, please contact Health Information Technology & Services at 734-936-8000.

Effective April 27, 2017 only institutionally-owned devices or personally owned devices enrolled in Intelligent Hub will be able to connect to the UMHS-8021X. Instructions for enrolling in Intelligent Hub are available in the Health System Knowledge Base.