UMNet Governance Group

The UMNet Governance Group was initiated by ITS Infrastructure to seek input from key academic, research, and clinical units on the University of Michigan network. The group is comprised of members representing both campus and Michigan Medicine. They will provide input and/or decisions on the goals and specific proposed network changes.

The University of Michigan Campus network service, known as UMNet, provides students, faculty, and staff with consistent, high quality network connectivity on the Ann Arbor Campus. The Core Network and Internet services, together with the In-Building Network Service provides wired and wireless network connectivity so faculty, staff, students, patients, and guests can effectively engage in teaching, learning, research, and the administration of the University.

Purpose & Goals

The group has the following network goals:

  • Provide a positive end user experience regardless of where anyone is at U-M
  • Provide service to fulfill research, administrative, teaching and learning needs
  • Provide an appropriate level of network security
  • Maintain an appropriate balance between functionality, cost, security, reliability, and user experience