Michigan LambdaRail (MiLR)

MiLR is a separate, high-speed, dedicated data network operated by the Merit Network that provides a low-cost fiber optic ring between the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and Wayne State University. It also connects the three campuses to national and international connections across the country and the globe. It includes geographically diverse routes between Detroit and Chicago, and metro rings within both cities.

MiLR accounts are designed for individual researchers or departments requiring reliable and high-speed connections with researchers in other locations.


MiLR provides:

  • Standard, low-cost 10 Gbps connections between the three universities and other locations.
  • High speed 100 Gbps connections, if required.
  • Dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) services allowing multiple light frequencies to share a single fiber strand between the three member universities and Chicago. This interconnects these universities with research, education, and government networks such as the Energy Science Network, Global Lambda Integrated Facility, National Institutes of Health, and XSEDE.


Benefits of MiLR include the ability to:

  • Share large data sets with remote colleagues.
  • Use high-resolution video and visualization tools, including cutting edge telemedicine tools to reach remote locations.
  • Conduct experimental research on networking itself.

Several university projects currently using MiLR in their work include the AGLT2 and OSIRIS projects.

Getting Started

Individuals or units who have an interest in MiLR should email MiLR-Joint-Tech@umich.edu for information on what is required to get started.