Intrusion Prevention System FAQ

How does the IPS handle encryption?

Though the vendor does support the use of SSL certificates to decrypt traffic for inspection, it is not configured to do so. This means that encrypted network traffic content is not inspected.

What traffic is inspected by the IPS?

Since it is placed between the Ann Arbor campus and the Internet, traffic between U-M and the Internet is inspected. Traffic within the U-M campus is not inspected by the IPS.

How will I know the IPS has blocked my traffic?

Because the IPS is intended to function with minimal impact to the end user, sending messages to end users is limited. If the IPS is suspected of having dropped traffic, a user should contact the ITS Service Center.

Does the IPS affect availability of the U-M network?

The IPS is designed to function as part of the U-M routing infrastructure and responds to changes in availability in accordance with that design.