DNS Request & Exception Process

The university has intentionally created a university domain name space that mirrors the organization of the university. A Standard Practice Guide policy for Domain Name System Standards at the University of Michigan provides more information.

Request Process

Hostnames are added to unit domains by trained unit IT professionals. If you do not know who is authorized to do this in your unit, email hostmaster@umich.edu.

Exception Process

This SPG allows the hostmaster to create domain names under departmental domains (e.g., those at the umich.edu level) which reflect the University Organizational Structure without special approval. (e.g., Sites associated with ITS can be placed in the its.umich.edu zone without special approval.) Requests for new first level domain names which do not reflect the Organizational Structure have restrictions and require approval of the ITS Hostmaster and the unit Dean or Director. Disagreements over approval will be escalated to the Director of Research Networks and/or the Chief Information Officer.

This means: example.its.umich.edu can be added without an exception, but example.umich.edu requires an approval process.


The two step exception approval process requires: 

These steps typically take several days.


New first level domain names which are approved will be created as an alias which points to a name in the University Organizational Structure. This allows DNS to to be used to determine the hosting unit for the first level domain exception. 

This means: example.umich.edu requested must point to example.hostingunit.umich.edu so the DNS tools can determine which unit is responsible.

Registering Third-Party First Level Domain Names

Requests to register domains outside umich.edu (like .org, .net, .com, and other domains) can be sent to domainreg@umich.edu

Note: These registrations require departmental approval and annual fees paid for using a university ShortCode.