Document Imaging System

ITS is planning to upgrade the Document Imaging System during the weekend of June 22/23, 2019. This upgrade will increase customer service and support to system users by expanding browser accessibility and increasing system stability. Web-based access will have an updated look and feel. More details will be shared in the coming months.

The Document Imaging System is an enterprise content management system supported by ITS and is available for use throughout the university. It enables users to efficiently capture and organize images of paper or electronic documents, retrieve those documents securely, and access them using a web or client interface. It is known by two names: WebNow and Perceptive Content. WebNow is the web-based version of the Perceptive Content software.

Staff members who need to view documents stored in the Document Imaging System, can do so by using WebNow directly, or access documents via links within one of the MPathways systems (i.e., Financials, Student Administration, Human Resource Management), Donor Alumni Relationship Tool (DART), or the ServiceNow Case Management module. Each of these systems has integrations with the Document Imaging System to provide users with easy access to appropriate documents for their business needs.

Staff members who need to scan, index, and store documents on their own into the Document Imaging System need to use the Perceptive Content client version of the software, which is installed on an individual’s PC.

For those departments with a large volume of documents to be scanned, indexed, and stored in the Document Imaging System (and don’t believe that they can do it themselves) may choose to leverage the Shared Services Center - Document Imaging central scanning service. Please contact the Shared Services Center directly if that is the case.