Document Imaging System Support

    Note for desktop client users

    • For MiWorkspace supported users, if you have trouble connecting to the Document Imaging client, please restart your computer. If you continue to have issues after a restart, contact the ITS Service Center.
    • For Non-MiWorkspace supported users, please contact your local unit IT if you have any issues with the client.

    Web-based Interface and Desktop Client: When to Use Which?

    If you want to scan, index, and store documents into the Document Imaging system on your own, use the desktop client version of the software (called Perceptive Content). Note that this software is only available for the Windows operating system. Perceptive Content enables you to upload documents and store them electronically in a secure online environment. Contact MiWorkspace or your local Unit IT to have the desktop client installed.

    If you simply need to search for and view documents stored in the Document Imaging system, you can do this by accessing the web version of the system found on Wolverine Access > Faculty & Staff > University Business > Document Imaging.  If you have never accessed the system before, you will first need to request the appropriate access.


    Web-based Interface

    Desktop Client