Getting Access to Document Imaging

To gain access to the system, you will need to place a request through the Online Access Request System (OARS).

How to Determine Which Security Role to Request

When placing this request, you will need to know which security role to use. There are actually several roles for Document Imaging (due to the many integrations the system has with other ITS applications). They can be found in these areas:

  • Financials & Physical Resources
  • Human Resources
  • Student Administration
  • Central Office > Financials & Physical Resources
  • Central Office > Human Resources
  • Central Office > Student Administration
  • DART

To see the description of a security role in OARS, simply click once on the role name and you will be prompted with the description.  

You might determine which role to use by:

  • your association with these functional areas
  • asking a colleague who already has access and whose job duties are the same as yours¬†
  • contacting a Unit Liaison

If you have trouble finding what you need, please submit a ticket to the ITS Service Center and the Document Imaging system BSAs will be happy to assist.