MACC Governance

The MACC is owned by the university and operated by the ITS Data Center Operations staff. It was funded by the Regents and sponsored by the Provost’s Office.

It is governed by the U-M IT Governance Framework, and guided by Policy and Operations committees comprised of IT professionals representing the founding MACC units.

U-M Office of the Provost

The Provost’s Office supplied the initial funding for the construction of the MACC, and provides an ongoing operational subsidy annually to incent university units to work cooperatively and choose shared data center facilities. The Provost’s ongoing role in the MACC includes:  

  • Ensures the MACC fulfills its purpose and addresses the needs of the occupants.
  • Selects the MACC Operator
  • Serves as Policy Committee chair
  • Intervenes as necessary

MACC Policy Committee

The Policy Committee includes representatives from the founding MACC units. Their responsibilities include:

  • Deciding allocation of MACC resources and space
  • Determining parameters for operations
  • Setting rack and electricity rates

Founding Units/Policy Members

  • ITS
  • Medical School
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Literature, Science, & the Arts

Current Policy Committee Membership

MACC Operations Committee

The Operations Committee includes one representative from the founding MACC units, nominated by their Policy Committee member. Additionally, each affiliate with at least one row of racks may request membership. Their responsibilities include:

  • Representing the interests of all MACC occupants
  • Advising policy committee on strategy and finances
  • Resolving routine operations questions
  • Partnering with ITS
  • Allocating co-located or shared racks
  • Approves requests for new rack allocations

Operations Committee Members

  • MACC Operations Committee Chair: Andy Palms, ITS 
  • Email:
  • Phone: 734-764-7128

Current Operations Committee Membership

ITS Operations

ITS works closely with the Policy & Operations Committees. Their responsibilities include:

  •  Managing, maintaining, monitoring, and securing the MACC facility.
  •  Providing network connectivity and 24/7 support.
  •  Billing units for MACC use.
  •  Managing MACC finances.