Getting Started With the MACC

First time MACC customers should contact Data Center Operations (DCO) Services. Data center experts will work with you to discuss information about the Michigan Academic Computing Center (MACC), ordering Equipment, and answer other data center questions.

The MACC is available to university units and faculty with research and/or computer space needs.

Requesting Space

To request space in the MACC, contact Data Center Operations at 734-763-4000, and initiate a request for the data center tech analyst team. You can also initiate a request by emailing

What You Need

Customers are responsible for providing their own:

  • Racks
  • Servers (consistent with policies and standards)
  • Network equipment (e.g., switches)

What We Provide

Data Operations staff will work with new MACC customers for:

  • MACC access cards
  • Coordination of move-in and move-out logistics
  • Placement of the equipment within the facility based on the amount of space needed and power/cooling needs
  • Coordination of shared rack space between units
  • Information and policies on visiting the MACC
  • Coordinating with engineering and projects