Electronic Signature (U-M SignNow)

SignNow is the university’s approved electronic signature software application.  The E-signature Service provides a secure application that enables users to electronically prepare and send university business documents for the purpose of requesting and obtaining digital signatures and other information on those documents. Users can upload various types of document formats (e.g., Google, Word, Excel, pdf), then prepare the uploaded document for recipients to enter any necessary information (e.g., name, date, other information, initials).

SignNow Primary Features

  • Prepare and Send Documents in a Few Clicks
  • Password Protect Documents to Authenticate Recipients
  • Receive Email Alerts and Track Document Status
  • Set Options to Provide Recipients with Reminders
  • Store Documents Securely
  • Automatically Maintain an Audit Trail History
  • Plus More


The E-signature Service - SignNow application is available for use by active U-M staff, faculty, researchers, and students associated with all University of Michigan campuses (i.e., Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Flint, and Michigan Medicine).

NOTE: Accounts are established for individual use only. No group accounts are permitted. 


At the present time (i.e., plans include FY24 and FY25), ITS is covering the charge of this service for campus users; however, in the future, there may be a per-document charge, so an approved Shortcode is required in order to obtain access to the application.

NOTE: Providing your Shortcode allows us to monitor usage of the tool, and ensures it will only be used for university business purposes (i.e., the account will not be used for personal reasons).