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Use Teams to Share Templates and Documents

  • Using teams allows sharing of templates and documents within team folders.
  • For documents that will be sent multiple times to various people, creating a template in the team folder allows all team members access and the document doesn’t need to be recreated each time. Team members can copy or download templates from the team, but cannot edit or delete templates owned by another team member.
  • Team members should manually move their individual documents to a team’s Shared Documents folder immediately after being sent for signature so other team members can view the signing status, view the list of recipients, and view if the document has been sent to storage.  This is extremely helpful if team members go on vacation or medical leave.

Apply Signature Conventions

  • To assist you when tracking your requests for signature, set a reminder that is appropriate for your needs (e.g., in x days) to encourage completion.
  • Since some signatures are not always legible, provide a place on your document for not only the signature, but also the printed name. Additionally, it is good practice to include a date field for the recipient.

Protect Documents

  • If you want to ensure the correct person is responding to your request for signature, consider using Advanced Options to apply a password before sending your documents for signature.
Reminder: Never email passwords to recipients.
  • If you don’t want your sensitive signed documents retained in SignNow, consider storing them in an appropriate place on our protected U-M shared network or in the Document Imaging system. Once stored, you should remove them from SignNow. This practice will further limit access to your documents.

Share Your Thoughts

We welcome feedback on your experience using SignNow. SignNow is a vendor-provided solution, so while we are not able to customize the service, we will pass along your suggestions to the vendor.