Space Management Module

The M-Pathways Space Management module allows the university to record and report its use of physical space (e.g., buildings and rooms). Space Management data is used in:

  • U-M, state, and federal reporting
  • Facilities and Administrative cost (i.e., indirect cost) negotiations with the federal government
  • Facility planning and design
  • Other systems, where location data for U-M buildings/rooms is needed (authoritative source)

Some common uses of the M-Pathways Space Management module by university departments include:

  • Completing the annual Space Survey to verify your departments' use of physical space.
  • Updating room utilization data to identify who (i.e., department and person) is occupying university space.
  • Identifying room characteristics (e.g., seat count) for room scheduling purposes.

The Office of Space Analysis (OSA) supports the business processes associated with the Space Management module.

Space Survey

Departments are responsible for maintaining an inventory of their physical space in M-Pathways to:

  • Identify the room type (e.g., classroom)
  • Indicate if the room is used for organized research (i.e., funded by project/grant).

Required room data includes square footage, function, and basic features (e.g., air conditioning, number of computer stations). Optional room data includes utilization information and additional or unique features (e.g., laboratory safety). The more detailed your inventory, the more your department can use the data to determine how best to use its physical space.

Entering Space Data

You can update your department's space data at any time, but you must review, update (if applicable), and submit it during the annual Space Survey period. During this time, OSA officially validates the space for the state and federal reporting purposes.

There are two ways to record space data in M-Pathways:

  • Online: Add/update one room at a time directly in M-Pathways. This is the most commonly used method.
  • Upload: Add/update data for multiple rooms at one time using an Excel template via the Survey Excel Interface Process. You must be an experienced Space Management user to be granted authorization for this process.

Download the reusable Survey Excel Template to your computer.

System Roles

Space Management has four system roles. Work with your Financial Unit Liaison to select the appropriate role in the Online Access Request System (OARS). All roles limited by department-level security.

  • The SM SURVEY USER role provides access to manually add/update space data and complete the Space Survey.
  • The SM SURVEY IMPORT USER role allows you to upload space data into M-Pathways.
  • The SM ROOM CHARACTERISTIC USER role provides access to maintain room data required for room scheduling.
  • The SM VIEWER role allows you to view, but not update, the Space Management data.