Student Life Data Sets

Campus Living Data Set


Contains data for campus card systems, security access, housing management, and food service management.

Campus Card System data describe on-campus and off-campus purchases, utilization of meal plan cost, meal plan scheduling, meal plan proration, meal plan dispensation, and Stored Value & Credit (SVC) from defined debit/credit plans commonly used for vending, bookstores, and dining services.

Security Access data describe cardholder's’ identity and housing facility access history.

Housing Management System data describe space management (traditional housing, suites, apartments, family housing), room assignments (past and current) room details, contracts, roommates, as well as personal and account information.

Food Service Management data describe recipes items, product descriptions, pack sizes, forecasted cost, forecasted prices, forecasted meals served and actual patrons served at dining halls, retail operations, and branded concepts.


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Campus Living Data Dictionary