Data Areas & Dictionaries

The table below provides links to descriptions of the data areas in the U-M Data Warehouse. Links to data dictionaries and other reporting documents are included for each data set.

Individual data sets are generally available noon Sunday–11 p.m. Saturday, except when they are being refreshed (see Refresh Schedule).

Data Area Data Sets
College Resources Analysis System (CRAS)
  • M-Pathways CRAS
  • Legacy CRAS
  • Donor & Alumni Relationship Tool (DART)
  • Human Subjects Research
  • Proposal Management
  • M-Pathways Financial
  • M-Pathways Accounts Receivable and Billing
  • Legacy Financial
Human Resource
  • M-Pathways Human Resource
  • M-Pathways Human Resource Snapshot
  • M-Pathways Benefits
  • My LINC
  • Human Resource Training and Education Unified
  • Legacy Human Resource
  • M-Pathways Payroll
  • M-Pathways Time and Labor
  • Legacy Payroll
Physical Resources
  • M-Pathways Asset Management
  • M-Pathways Space Management
  • M-Pathways Admissions Snapshot
  • M-Pathways Admissions Roster
  • M-Pathways Recruiting and Admissions
  • M-Pathways Student Records
  • M-Pathways Financial Aid/Student Financials
  • M-Pathways Financial Aid/Student Financials Snapshot
  • M-Pathways Third Week Count
  • M-Pathways Student Retention and Completion
  • National Student Clearinghouse (NSC)
  • Legacy Official Third Week Count
  • Legacy Student
Student Life
  • Campus Living
  • Sessions @ Michigan
  • Student Life Attendance
Teaching & Learning
  • Learning Analytics Data Architecture (LARC)
  • Student Explorer
  • Canvas Data/Unizin Data Warehouse (UDW)
  • Online Learning Data Warehouse (OLDW) Dataset
  • Coursera Spark
  • Coursera Phoenix Redshift