Document Imaging System

The Document Imaging system is an enterprise content management system (also known as a document management system) that serves as a repository for capturing and indexing critical documents that support various business processes around the university. Users of the system can upload and organize paper and electronic documents and retrieve those documents securely.


The system employs Perceptive Content software and can be accessed via either a web-based interface or desktop client software (when to use which option?).

The system is also integrated into various university systems (including M-Pathways Financials, M-Pathways Student, M-Pathways Human Resources, and the Donor Alumni Relationship Tool), which often offer simple Add Document or View Document hyperlinks. Many of the system’s features can be accessed from within these integrations.

The system is set up as a set of Drawers which provide for granularity of permissioning.

Eligibility & Cost

Faculty and staff of U-M departments on the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses can use the system. Additionally, Flint and Dearborn do have their own instance of the software for internal uses.

It is available to use free of charge, but you must be approved via request.


  • You cannot use the system with some sensitive data (including protected health information or HIPAA)
  • The system is not for storing digital or radiographic images