WiFi & Network

ITS connects you to WiFi, U-M networks, and the Internet.

  • WiFi
    In-building wireless (WiFi) networks allow faculty, staff, students, sponsored affiliates, and guests to communicate through wireless local area networks on laptops, tablets, cellular phones, and other devices.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    The University of Michigan's Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides U-M users with access to university resources and encrypts traffic on university and public networks.
  • Device Connection Guide
    The Device Connection Guide provides information about which electronic devices can be connected to the campus network and information about how to connect them.
  • Network Speed Test
    Network speed testing applications are used to test the speed of a stable network connection.
  • Northwood Networks
    Northwood Networks provide internet, telephone, and cable television to Northwood Community Apartments.

Additional Information