InCommon Certificate Maintenance & Support

Planned Maintenance

For InCommon Certificates, planned maintenance is scheduled by the certificate vendor and announced at Users can also subscribe to receive notifications about planned maintenance and outages at

User impact varies depending on the service component affected. Examples include:

  • temporarily being unable to request, renew, or revoke a certificate
  • temporary delay in email notifications
  • delays in data updates between ACME and the ICM web app

Emergency Maintenance

If problems arise that affect usage of the system, users will be notified or prevented from using the system to protect data integrity. If a service is unavailable, users will be automatically redirected to a web page with information about when the service will be available whenever possible.

For InCommon Certificates, if problems arise that affect usage of the system, a status message will be posted at and/or ITS Service Status.

  • Emergency maintenance can occur during normal hours the service is available. In the event of emergency maintenance that requires an unscheduled outage, ITS will communicate to users and customers by posting outage information at ITS Service Status. Status of the outage and estimated time to restore services is included in each update.

Requesting Support

To request support for the InCommon Certificates service, send email to [email protected]. This will create a ticket that is automatically assigned to the InCommon Certificates service team and bypasses manual triage by the ITS Service Center.

  • If a service is down due to a certificate problem, the person or team that manages that service can call the ITS Service Center and request that the on-call member of the InCommon Certificate Service team be paged (Note: Not the IAM team). Outside of business hours, follow the phone prompts to report an urgent problem.
  • IMPORTANT: The InCommon Certificate Service team can only issue new certificates or assist with certificate problems for the person or team that manages the service that issues the certificate.  The team does not, in general, have access to install or deploy new certificates on the services that use the certificates.  Users of a service that is experiencing a certificate problem therefore need to contact the owners of the service rather than the InCommon Certificate Service team in order to avoid an unnecessary delay in getting their report to the correct team.