InCommon Certificates Comparison Chart

For obtaining and managing InCommon certificates, there are several tools and methods.

  • ITS recommends ACME + InCommon wherever possible in order to eliminate service outages from expired certificates.
  • The following options are not mutually exclusive — one unit can combine all three options.
  ACME + InCommon ICM Web App WASUP
Types of certificates Server
  • Server
  • Code Signing
  • Client
  • Server
  • Code Signing
Who can use it? U-M units
  • U-M units with 20 or more certificates
  • Requires two or more staff to manage the certificates
Anyone at U-M
Requires one-time setup/signup? Yes Yes No, ongoing use
Fully automated certificate renewals to prevent service outages? Yes No. Certificates can auto-renew but need to be installed manually. No
Typical time to obtain or renew a certificate Minutes Minutes 1-2 business days
Interface for managing certificates ACME client software installed on each server/device Web browser Web browser
Knowledge and skills required System administration

Be able to create Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and

navigate lots of options

Be able to create CSR