Computing Services for Retirees

As a retiree, you can continue to use the uniqname, password, and directory profile you used while you were employed by the university. You can use your U-M Google email, calendar, and more to stay in touch with former colleagues, friends, and family and for whatever other personal uses you may have.

You may continue to use these services:

  • Uniqname and MCommunity Directory Profile
    Retirees keep their uniqname, UMICH (Level-1), and MCommunity Directory profile for life.
  • Use of Duo for Weblogin
    You can continue to use Duo two-factor authentication when you log into U-M services via the web.
  • Email Forwarding
    You can have the email that is sent to your address redirected to any email account you choose. See Forwarding or Redirecting Your U-M email Using the MCommunity Directory and follow the instructions for redirecting your mail. Remember to update the redirect address every time you change your email address so that it remains current.
  • U-M Google
    Retirees can continue to use their U-M Google email, calendar, and other Google Apps.
  • Campus Computing Sites
    You are eligible to use the workstations in the Campus Computing Sites as seats are available. However, we encourage you to use locations other than the Angell Hall Courtyard site, which is heavily used by students during the academic year, particularly at exam time.
  • Help from the ITS Service Center
    You can contact the ITS Service Center for assistance with U-M computing services.
  • Tech Shop
    While some Tech Shop vendors require active university affiliation to purchase from them, you are eligible to shop from a broad selection of products in the Tech Shop catalog, take advantage of the trade-in program, and utilize the tech support and repair services. Contact the Tech Shop if you have any questions.

Returning to U-M as a Temporary Employee

If you return to the university as a temporary employee, your department may provide you with computing services in addition to your U-M Google account. These services might be operated within the department itself, or they may request additional computing services for you from ITS.

The department and the ITS Service Center need to work together to make sure your computing services are not disrupted. If you have any questions about your specific situation, please contact the ITS Service Center.