Exchange Mailbox Quota

Each ITS Exchange Email and Calendaring mailbox has a 30GB quota, and each Exchange Voicemail mailbox has a 10MB quota. These quotas limit how much disk space is available for storage, such as email, calendar, and voicemail messages.

Determining Quota

In Outlook Web Access (OWA), click on the gear icon in the top left of the screen, then select Options. You will find your quota in the accounts section. See one of these docs to find your quota using an Exchange desktop client:

Exceeded Quota

If a mailbox quota is exceeded, mail will not be sent until enough messages have been removed to reduce the quota. Mail will still be received. Sending and responding to messages is disabled. A message will be sent notifying users the quota is exceeded.

To determine which Exchange service (email/calendaring or voicemail) is over quota, check the To: line in the email that informs over-quota status:

  • If the To: line contains the user’s Display name, then the mailbox containing email and/or calendaring messages is over the quota.
  • If the To: line contains a phone number, then the voicemail mailbox is over the quota.

For help with accessing voicemail mailbox, see Exchange Voicemail.