Tech Repair Upgrades & Installations

Software Installations: Applications

If you have purchased software applications through the Tech Shop or elsewhere, we can install and configure those applications for you. This includes upgrading from previous versions of the same software program.

For information on the cost of this service, see our rates page.

Operating System Installations, Upgrades, or Reinstallations

Modern operating systems are fast, graphically rich and highly capable. Unfortunately, their complexity can make for a complex installation process. If you'd rather leave the headache to someone else, we can handle it whether it be an installation, an upgrade or a reformat and OS reinstall.

Just remember to bring in the software media (CDs/DVDs, etc.) along with your computer. If you don't yet own the software, you can purchase it here at the Tech Shop.

For information on the cost of this service, see our rates page.

Hardware Upgrades & Installations

We can install and upgrade a variety of hardware:

  • RAM — We'd be happy to help you determine what RAM you'll need. Unfortunately though, the Tech Shop does not sell RAM, so we will need you to purchase the RAM elsewhere and bring it in so that we can install it.
  • Hard Drives — Depending on your computer model, we may need you to purchase an internal hard drive elsewhere and bring it in, as we normally do not stock such drives. We can consult with you on the specs and brands of drive that best fit your needs.
  • Network Cards, CD/DVD Drives and more.


Upgrade and installation services are charged on a flat-rate basis:

Service Rate
Software installation $48/half-hour
Operating system upgrade $144 + purchase of the OS software
Hardware upgrade/installation
(RAM, hard drives, network cards, etc.)
$48/half hour