Departmental Tech Repair Service

The primary mission of Tech Repair is to serve the needs of U-M affiliated individuals; however, departments are also welcome to take advantage of our service on authorized hardware under warranty or charged to a Shortcode.

Standard Check-In

Individuals are welcome to use our services for departmentally owned devices; however, we do recommend following your unit’s internal IT support process prior to coming in. We can also work with unit IT service providers on hardware repairs.

To initiate service of a departmentally owned device:

  1. Remove any accessories (such as cases) or clearly label with name and contact information.
  2. Bring the hardware to either Tech Shop location with your Shortcode and UMID.
  3. Tell your Technical Consultant about any troubleshooting steps, if any, already attempted.

We will use contact information of the person dropping off the hardware to submit quotes for approval, request additional information, and send repair status notifications.

Risk Management & Physical Damage

All U-M owned property is insured by the university. Tech Repair has partnered with Risk Management to simplify repair or replacement of accidentally damaged devices covered by this self-insurance program.

We submit the claim on your behalf and receive reimbursement directly from Risk Management. No need for your department to file a claim, pay for repair, or wait for reimbursement.

Required information:

  • Name and uniqname of the employee reporting the damage.
  • Brief description of how the damage occurred.
  • Date the damage occurred. Claim must be submitted within one (1) year of the incident.
  • Approximate time that the damage occurred.
  • Location where the damage occurred.
  • Name or ID number of the department that owns the device.

Risk Management-covered service cannot be initiated without this information; incomplete information will delay claim submission and service completion.

Contact Tech Repair

For general questions or information requests about a departmental repair, submit a Tech Repair Departmental Request form.