Getting Started With MiDesktop

Customer Expectations

While MiDesktop offers routine infrastructure maintenance and upgrades, ITS expects all MiDesktop customers to perform the following activities to ensure optimal service performance.

  • Customers are responsible for performing all traditional Base Image system administration activities such as operating system administration, application administration, and monitoring/troubleshooting.
  • Install, configure, patch, and maintain all application components.
  • Test, troubleshoot, and resolve application problems resulting from updates, patches and configurations to the operating system.
  • Manage the authorization groups for Base Image and Pool administration.
  • Determine the urgency of a problem that requires assistance from ITS.
  • Appropriately follow data management policies to comply with university policies, state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Request a Pool or Base Image to be retired when services are no longer needed/used.
  • Shut down desktops during scheduled maintenance if required to do so.
  • Communicate and plan for any network, firewall and front-end application changes that could affect access to Pool desktops.
  • Request any changes to the Pool and/or Base Image to handle corresponding growth.
  • Instant-clone pool customers must provide an Active Directory Organizational Unit (OU) on which they have the ‘delegate permissions’ role.

Request Service

Submit the Request New MiDesktop Order Form. The MiDesktop Support Team is available to help with any questions or special requirements.

Access Image

In order to access your new image in vCenter to configure it with your applications and MiDesktop software, users must first gain access to the MiDesktop jump server.

Configure Base Image

The MiDesktop Team will send notification once the Base Image is created and ready for customer configuration. The documentation for Setting Up the Base Image provides a step-by-step guide to prepare the base image for desktop virtualization.

Access Pool

Once the Base Image is configured and a snapshot taken, the MiDesktop team will create the requested Pool and send notification when it’s ready for use.