AppsAnywhere Software Portal

Software on Windows computers at Campus Computing Sites and Virtual Sites is streamed to computers using AppsAnywhere, a software portal similar to an app store. Search for and launch the software you want to use from the portal instead of opening the application from the Windows Start Menu.

You can access AppsAnywhere in three ways:

U-M Sites Computers

When you log into a Windows computer at Campus Computing Sites or Virtual Sites, the AppsAnywhere software portal will automatically launch in a Chrome browser. You can also launch AppsAnywhere using the desktop shortcut.

Learn more about using AppsAnywhere on Sites Windows computers:

Your Windows Computer

Sites Anywhere - Connect to AppsAnywhere from your own Windows computers

Please follow these instructions to prepare your Windows computer to download ready-to-run software via AppsAnywhere.

Note that the software available via the AppsAnywhere portal on your personal device is not the same as AppsAnywhere accessed from a Sites workstation or a CAEN workstation. Some software license agreements only allow use from university-owned machines.

Set up AppsAnywhere on your personal Windows device:

  1. Download and install the U-M Virtual Private Network client (VPN).
    • U-M's VPN is required for many applications if you are not connected to the campus network. You may get a license server error if you are not connected the campus network.
    • If the VPN is needed, it will be listed in the AppsAnywhere requirement section of the App Details when you click "More Info" for an application in the AppsAnywhere portal.
    • Follow the VPN: Download the Windows VPN Client document to install VPN for when you are off campus. (Learn more about the U-M Virtual Private Network)
  2. Go to to install and launch the software on your machine.
    • The AppsAnywhere portal is your entry point to access a selection of Sites applications and run them on your personal machine.
    • Please note: the AppsAnywhere portal is different than the CAEN portal available to some engineering students.
    • This video will walk you through the installation process:

Sites Anywhere Support and Documentation

For technical issues, please contact the ITS Service Center or visit a Tech Consulting location in person.

Please understand that access to the AppsAnywhere portal from your personal device should be considered a supplement to other methods of accessing applications and not a replacement. Some potential problems that could arise while using AppsAnywhere from your personal device cannot be controlled or fully supported like a university-owned workstation. If issues arise and cannot be immediately resolved, they will be escalated and we will do our best to offer a resolution.

Please use our software feedback form to provide valuable input about AppsAnywhere we can use to improve the service.

Your Mac Computer

You can use Virtual Sites to access AppsAnywhere via your Mac computer.